Inclusive education

This week's must-read stories

By Karina Fuerte

What will the university be like in 2040, according to Georgia Tech
The Georgia Institute of Technology shares its evolution plan towards the year 2040 through a report called "Deliberate Innovation, Lifetime Education" that describes the future of universities as a hybrid educational ecosystem focused on the development of cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. 

Inclusion and Diversity in Engineering Education
We need an education that is inclusive, that looks out for the marginalized and socially excluded sectors. In the case of universities much remains to be done, such as linking engineering education with foundations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

California universities team up to share courses
The California State University (CSU) and the California Community Colleges (CCC) launched “Finish Faster,” a course finder with more than 10,000 options. This collaborative initiative aims to help students plan their educational path in a more efficient way.

Computer Science: essential in primary education
The era in which computer education was optional is over. A study commissioned by Google reveals the importance Computer Science in K-8 and emphasizes the need to generate more research and teacher training in the field.

What we are reading

  • Stop Trying to Sell the Humanities
    How then can we formulate a justification of the humanities that is powerful enough to satisfy even those that have little interest in it? The answer may lie on those at the top of the administrative ladder. (The Chronicle of Higher Education - paywall)

  • The Theranos Indictments Expose the Soul of Silicon Valley
    Holmes has been held up as the ultimate symbol of Silicon Valley’s “Fake it til you make it” culture but you can’t move fast and break things when those things are human lives. (Wired)

  • How (and Why) Ed-Tech Companies Are Tracking Students' Feelings
    A software platform called Algebra Nation is sparking privacy fears for tracking student emotions and engagement. (Education Week)

  • The University of Chicago Drops SAT/ACT Requirement. Will Others Follow?
    Chicago's move is striking coming from a research university, known for its academic rigor. (Inside Higher Ed)

  • Four Education Trends that Countries Everywhere Should Know About
    Education experts around the world share what they considered the most pressing issues facing our sector today. (The World Bank)

  • Imagining A Blockchain University
    A new university aims to leverage distributed ledger technology to remove higher education intermediaries, support decentralized governance structures and ensure data security. (Forbes)