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By Karina Fuerte

Best practices for STEM online courses
What are the fundamental features of effective online courses in the STEM fields? A new study reveals that active learninginteractive strategies, and solid assessment are key for effective learning in online STEM courses.

Google just revealed new ways to collaborate with G Suite using your LMS
Course Kit is a free toolkit that allows educators to use G Suite for Education’s cloud-based tools like Google Drive and Google Docs to collect assignments, give feedback to students, and share course materials within any LMS.

Top 10 universities in Latin America 2018
Times Higher Education announced its 2018 Latin American University rankingsBrazil placed six universities in the top ten spots. The State University of Campinas ranked first for the second year in a row, followed by the University of São Paulo and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Tec de Monterrey stands out as the best university in Mexico and the fifth in Latin America.

Using the Arts to Improve Reading Comprehension
The relationship between the arts and cognitive development has been studied and has gained strength in recent years for its benefits such as imagination development, creativitymotivation to learn and the increase of social skills.

JMU X-Labs, student solutions to real problems
James Madison University (JMU) has created JMU X-Labs, a technology lab in which students cultivate problem-solving skills in real and complex scenarios through interdisciplinary teams that work in collaboration with governments and the industry to solve specific challenges.

Open educational resources improve academic performance
According to a study, open educational resources not only reduce the costs of pursuing a university degree, they also improve academic performance and lower dropout rates.

Khan Academy Kids, an app to develop early year’s skills
Khan Academy launched an app that aims to develop kids' socio-emotional skillsliteracycreative expression and math abilities through stories, songs, exercises and challenges.

What we are reading

  • Empowering Kids In An Anxious World
    These days free play is on the decline and so are the social and emotional skills that come with it. (NPR)

  • Looking to 2040: Anticipating the Future of Higher Education
    "We anticipate that future learners are not necessarily going to be looking for degrees. They’re going to be looking at higher education as a lifelong partner," says Rich DeMillo, Director of the Center for 21st Century Universities. (The Evolllution)

  • How Writing Can Help You Overcome Math Anxiety
    Writing it all down helps students put their bad experiences in the past. It also demonstrates that the students have other skills. (KQED News)

  • Rethinking the undergraduate business model
    Most universities share four common assumptions about how they deliver undergraduate education. It’s time to explore these assumptions and see what lessons other industries might offer. (Times Higher Education)

  • Can a Subscription Model Work for Online Learners and Teachers? Skillshare Just Raised $28 Million to Find Out
    “We lean heavy towards freelancers and independent workers in roles that require constant upkeep of skills.” (EdSurge)

  • The stress that kills American workers
    Work can make you sick and shorten your life, says Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and author of Dying for a paycheck. (The Economist)

  • Is the academy too close to Silicon Valley?
    “The university is very encouraging of its faculty members to go and do entrepreneurial activity,” says Aleksandr Kogan. Yet Kogan’s “entrepreneurial activity” culminated in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (Times Higher Education)

  • Our job as scientists is to find the truth. But we must also be storytellers
    "Only with a story can the facts be communicated, and only then can they become part of the received knowledge that drives the very possibility of scientific progress." (The Guardian)