Education in an unfavourable scenario

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By Karina Fuerte

The best universities in the world 2018-2019
QS World University Rankings released its latest ranking of the 1,000 world’s top universities. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) established itself as the best university in the world for the seventh consecutive year. No other university has managed such a long run at the top.

Educating in times of crisis: tools for innovating in higher education
Providing education in an unfavourable scenario, such as a financial or political crisis, has become a challenge for those who are responsible for teaching. Faced with this adverse panorama, creativity and motivation are fundamental tools that help us overcome the obstacles presented by social and economic crises. 

By 2020 the US will be 5 million university graduates short
A new prospective report published by Georgetown University, estimates that there will be some 55 million job postings in the United States by 2020. Of those, 35% of the vacancies will require at least a bachelor's degree. Although this scenario may seem promising, the US is not ready to face it. 

Teens flee from Facebook
The use of social media is unpredictable. A few years ago, Facebook seemed to monopolize the future of social interactions. Today a recent study revealed that the three most popular digital platforms for teenagers are YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

12 free Udacity courses to find technological jobs
Knowing how complicated is the labor landscape faced by graduates today, Udacity launched twelve courses to help technology career students enter the workforce; free resources to enrich resumes and prepare graduates to seize the opportunities that come their way.

What we are reading

  • France hangs up: new bill would ban cell phones at school
    “Mobile phones are a technological advance but they cannot monopolize our lives,” said French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer about the “detox measure” to combat classroom distraction and bullying. (Reuters)

  • Become a More Productive Learner
    We’re consuming more information than ever before but not learning more. We have become less productive learners. (HBR)

  • Silicon Valley's culture of breaking things is totally broken
    The phrase “move fast and break things” was Facebook's call to arms. But breaking things is not without consequences. (Wired)

  • US academies call for reshaping of postgraduate STEM education
    Students have a right to know what the outcomes have been for students who went before them, says report. (Times Higher Education)

  • Bootcamps Go To College
    Rather than viewing bootcamps as a threat, higher education should integrate the bootcamp model into the undergraduate experience to prepare graduates for the changing labor market. (The EvoLLLution)

  • Solving Underemployment: Michelle Weise of Strada Education Discusses the Importance of Lifelong Learning to Help Workers Attain Gainful Employment
    "We’re really going to have to retool ourselves or upskill ourselves for the future of work.” (EdTech Times)

  • Three months later, a mass exploit of powerful Web servers continues
    More than 115,000 websites—many run by major universities, government agencies, and media companies— were compromised and open to hacker takeovers. (Ars Technica)