New Study Analyzes the Impact of Effective Teaching in Higher Education


New Study Analyzes the Impact of Effective Teaching in Higher Education
Although there is a substantial body of research on the importance of teacher quality in elementary and secondary schools, relatively little is known about the impact of teaching quality on student performance in higher education. With this in mind, a group of researchers analyzed the impact of instructor effectiveness on student achievement in the higher education sector. 

Elite Universities Could Take More Low-income Students, Study Says
Despite 69 of the most selective private colleges in the US ran average annual budget surpluses of $139 million over the last four years and that a growing number of low-income students in the US are qualified to attend the nation's most selective colleges and universities, less than a 20 percent are admitted, a new study finds.

Northwestern Journalism School Joins Berkeley and Drops its Accreditor
A continuing trend of journalism programs discontinuing their accreditation has started a debate on accreditation and its impact on innovation. The latest is Northwestern University’s highly ranked Medill School of Journalism, which announced it won’t renew its accreditation with the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC).

Researchers Agree: Pre-K Works
A new report reveals that children that attend to pre-kindergarten are better prepared for kindergarten than those who do not. The investigation found that economically disadvantaged children and dual language learners benefited the most, and academic areas such as literacy and mathematics showed greater improvement.

Stars: the renewed teaching vocation
The classroom is no longer a solar system, but has become the universe brimming with beautiful stars that are about to be born. Today, teachers have a new mission: to guide students toward the discovery of their light.