Failure on the college campus


Failure on the college campus
While the idea of failure has become a badge of honor in the startup world, students still seem unable to cope with basic setbacks that come with college life. That is why more and more universities are engaging in programs that involve talking about what it means to fail.

Gaming can improve emotional learning
A new study shows a correlation between Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) outcomes and gaming. Ninety-seven percent of teachers say problem solving is the top skill that students get by joining Minecraft lessons. 

Online students want to be part of a community
A study that analyses data from online students found out that students value being part of a community and think that courses can be improved by building more engagement between instructors and classmates.

Instructional Design in xMOOC
Have you thought about how easy it is today to take a course and learn something new? We owe a large part of this to the Internet. Learning from courses offered online is becoming increasingly common and the range of such courses has grown considerably since its emergence. 

"Ask a Researcher": Digital Promise improves its interactive Research Map
Digital Promise revealed an updated version of the Research Map, with new data visualization based on over 100,000 peer-reviewed articles from 184 journals. The tool also offers new ways to access relevant learning science findings. 

Using clickers in the classroom improves learning? Depends on the teaching style, researchers suggest
A new study that examined clicker use among 858 undergraduate students, suggests that these type of edtech devices are useful for improving fact retention but not so much for deeper learning.