Harvard revokes acceptances for at least ten students over offensive memes on Facebook


Harvard revokes acceptances for at least ten students over offensive memes on FacebookHarvard University revoked acceptance offers to at least ten prospective members of the Class of 2021 after the students posted “obscene memes” in a private Facebook group chat. 

"Get a job or your money back!"
OpenClassrooms, the French online platform, is guaranteeing students they'll find a job within six months of earning their degree, or they'll give them their money back. “In the modern world it is essential to offer this level of commitment to students,” said Pierre Dubuc, Co-founder of OpenClassrooms. 

One university is requiring all freshmen to take a coding course
Data is the new currency and industry leaders are looking for candidates with coding skills, across all fields. That is why Miami University Farmer School of Business is introducing a coding course as a core class requirement to boost their graduates' chance to get a job.

Do fidget spinners help or harm children’s concentration?
Fidget spinners, the stress-relieving toys, are taking the world by storm. But some schools are banning these little toys, arguing that they distract students, while others say they help them pay attention. What do experts say?

High contrast in salaries among European teachers
Teachers throughout Europe face a very contrasting reality, at least in salary. According to a study by the OECD, Europe has both the best and worst paid teachers in the world: Luxemburg educators are paid as much as 137,000 dollars a year, while Czech Republic’s get only 20,000.

GeoGebra for teaching mathematics
GeoGebra is a free mathematics software that offers the possibility of using geometry and algebra together to solve complex problems. The software addresses math problems in a creative, original way that will motivate even the most reluctant student to engage in this subject . 

Using simulations in science lessons can improve learning
Science can be difficult to visualize. But using simulations in science courses can help improve learning by allowing students to interact with the data. Simulations also promote critical thinking and help students better understand abstract concepts. 

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative partners with College Board to provide personalized pathways to college
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and The College Board are launching a two-year partnership that aims to expand access for low-income students to “unique, personalized learning pathways” to college and career. 

Yogome, a Mexican edtech startup, raises $6.6M for kids educational games
Yogome, a Mexican startup of children's educational games, has received a $6.6 million investment from Seaya Ventures, a Spanish venture capital fund. With this new investment, the company seeks to reach 1 million subscribers and expansion to China, Korea and Japan.