Behaviors of young people regarding the role of technology in education

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By Karina Fuerte

"No matter what they say... The University has a promising future"
That was the message that Ricardo Rivero OrtegaSalamanca University Rector —an institution that this year celebrates eight hundred years of its foundation— gave during his speech at the IV International Rectors' Meeting Universia 2018. A meeting that brought together 700 rectors and deans from more than 600 universities

Generation Z prefers learning on YouTube, says Pearson study
A new research undertaken by Pearson revealed some of the preferences, attitudes, and behaviors of young people regarding the role of technology in educationGeneration Z seems to choose to learn through platforms like YouTube rather than instruction in classrooms.

Which competencies are most in demand among employers around the world?
The boom in competency-based education has led to the generation of multiple studies focusing on the relevance of the skills and competencies that future professionals are expected to develop at the university level.Universities should include soft skills in their programs as employers around the world give more and more importance to these abilities. 

A new non-profit association is born to promote Flipped Learning
For many, Flipped Learning means merely to review videos before class activities. However, its methodology is much more extensive. The Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences (AALAS) aims to standardize and refine Flipped Learning and Active Learning methods.

How important is your first job? A study reveals the impact of underemployment
Burning Glass Technologies, a labor analytics company, together with Strada Education Network, published the first results of a study that attempts to decipher the relationship between work and education. In this first delivery, they focus on underemployment

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  • Why AI Isn’t the Death of Jobs
    As it turns out, companies using AI to drive innovation are more likely to actually boost employment. (MIT Sloan Management Review)

  • Lifelong Learning Will Prepare Students For Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist
    News flash: The future is murky. But by introducing a broader and creative array of stackable and professional credentials, universities can keep pace with the changing demands of the labor market. (The EvoLLLution)

  • Has video killed the red grading pen? 
    Teachers are experimenting with video feedback as a replacement for traditional written mark-ups. (The Hechinger Report)

  • Writing a page-turner: how to tell a story in your scientific paper
    People love stories. Despite this, most researchers don’t think in terms of story when they write a journal paper. (LSE Impact blog)

  • Health tips for research groups
    Nature asked scientists to recommend one thing that institutional and laboratory leaders could do to make science more productive, rigorous and happy. (Nature)