Physicists and engineers go to the classroom

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MIT program aims to bring physicists and engineers from their jobs to the classroom
MIT aims to reinvent teacher training through a new master's program. Candidates are graduates of STEM disciplines, and former engineering or physicist employees, who will work with a curriculum based on real-world experiences and challenges faced by teachers.

Study shows college students feel unqualified once they get a job
A recent Gallup study shows only about a third of current students express confidence that they will graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their first job. In contrast, 96% of chief academic officers of colleges and universities believe that their institutions are effectively preparing students to join the workforce.

Apple joins Malala’s effort to support girls’ education in Latin America and India
Malala Fund has developed educational programs for girls from populations in Nigeria, Pakistan, Kenya and Syria, where education is scarce. Today, withfunding from Apple, she hopes to provide secondary education to more than100,000 girls from existing programs and teenagers from India and Latin America.

Ethics and engineering education, a necessary partnership
The role of professors teaching engineering is fundamental to influence the ethical performance of students who will work in this area. The integration of Ethics in engineering courses should be a transversal competency, subject to measurement in accreditation processes. 

MIDE: a new innovation ecosystem
Backed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the collaborative platform Madrid Innovation Driven Ecosystem (MIDE) was presented as part of the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP). The initiative seeks to promote innovation, economic development, and employment in the Madrid region.

PHD Talks: science on video
The idea of PHD Talks, a project of three Tecnológico de Monterrey academics, is to disseminate high-level scientific research through simple videos of less than 3 minutes. The platform guarantees that all videos are created by researchers who have published a research article in a serious journal.

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