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Tec de Monterrey teachers win 8 "QS Reimagine Education" awards
Every year more than 1000 innovators in education compete to reimagine education. Reimagine Education Awards 2018, organized by the ranking QS Stars, evaluate the most innovative initiatives in the world aimed at improving learning processes. In this edition, 3 Tec de Monterrey projects won 8 prizes.

AI and the future of work and learning
What are the skills that are going to be central in the automated future? A new paper discusses the implications of artificial intelligence in the way we live, learn and work. The paper Ask About AI: The Future of Learning and Work, is a result of the #AskAboutAI campaign, in which technologists, entrepreneurs, social scientists, investors and educators were asked three questions: What’s happening? What does it mean? And how to prepare for the future?

For a better future, quality undergraduate education for everyone
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has issued a report entitled The Future of Undergraduate Education, The Future of America, in which expert authors make three priority recommendations for decision-makers in education.

How to use the case method in competency-based education model?
The topics of socio-education and competency-based education are crucial for schooling in this century. It is important to raise a problem that excites, moves, and helps develop skills in students and also contributes to the development of society. Students need to understand the problem fully, that is, instead of just reading a case, they are presented with a complex situation with interesting questions that generate reflection.

Nvidia teams up with Udacity in a robotics nanodegree program
Everyone is talking about automation and the future of the workforce. Some are worried that robots will take their jobs. However, others are preparing themselves to create those machines. Udacity offers a robotics nanodegree program with hiring partners such as Uber, iRobot or Bosch, and now it boosts its learning experience with a powerful ally: Nvidia.

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