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By Karina Fuerte

Good researchers are not always good teachers
Research and teaching are closely linked, but both require very different skills. A recent study aimed to establish the relationship between the quality of research and the quality of teaching, reveals that undergraduate students do not evaluate research teachers with high scores. Unlike master's degree students who do qualify them well.

These are the universities with the best reputation in 2018
Times Higher Education has released its ranking of the institutions with the best reputation in 2018. The United States once again captured the spotlight, Asia continued to lag behind, and Latin America did not reach the first hundred positions. 

Walmart employees can go to college for a dollar a day
Through Guild Education, the supermarket chain will offer degrees in Business and Supply Chain Management for one dollar a day. The degrees are available through the University of FloridaBrandman University, and Bellevue University, non-profit institutions whose focus targets working adult students. 

There will be a worldwide shortage of skilled workers by the year 2030, according to a study
A crisis is looming by the year 2030: there will be a lack of 85.2 million skilled workers worldwide. This according to a study that evaluated the talent supply gap in 20 developed economies and emerging economies. Results showed that global technological growth, unskilled labor, and stricter immigration regulations would exacerbate talent shortages.

Negotiation games: applying experimental economics in the classroom
Living in a society implies accepting that we are surrounded by people who actively make decisions that interact with ours. This didactic method seeks to create an environment that promotes the generation of citizenship competencies, understood as the capacity to manage conflicts peacefully and constructively. 

More people are using internet for lifelong learning
In her highly anticipated keynote in the 2018 Code Conference, Mary Meeker, an expert on Internet and new technologies, revealed the major internet trends for this year. Meeker revealed that one of the major trends is using the web to boost learning and training.

XuetangX offers free online Micro-Diploma in Computer Science
XuetangX, the most important MOOCs platform in China, premiered a free workshop in Computer Science with experts from MIT, Berkeley and Tsinghua University. The objective is to promote and enhance the computational skills of Chinese and foreign engineers. The blended learning course offers the opportunity to attend face-to-face subjects at Tsinghua University in China.

What we are reading

  • The Problem with "Learning Styles" 
    Just because a notion is popular doesn't make it true. There is little scientific support for the fashionable idea that people learn in different ways. (Scientific American)

  • The Theranos Story and Education Technology
    The story of Holmes who claimed to be able to revolutionize a complex field without possessing relevant expertise seems to have some parallels in EdTech. (Inside Higher Ed)

  • Another big-name university drops SAT/ACT essay requirement
    Yale announced that applicants will no longer be required to submit an essay score from the SAT or the ACT. (The Washington Post)

  • The Key to 21st Century Classrooms Isn't Tech. It's Evolved Teaching.
    Technology and access to information aren’t the most important factors in creating twenty-first-century classroom; teachers are. (EdSurge)

  • Faculty Offices As Learning Spaces
    Faculty offices are rarely welcoming spaces for students. (Science Edventures)

  • We Should Teach All Students, in Every Discipline, to Think Like Scientists
    If knowledge is power, colleges and universities should teach all students to think like scientists. (Scientific American)

  • What are the Least Essential Skills in the AI Future?
    According to experts, coding, programming, and mechanical repairs may be the least important skills. (IFTF)