The peer learning approach of Redes de Tutoría

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By Karina Fuerte

Edu Trends | Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
The concepts of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are becoming increasingly common in the field of education. Although the implementation of these trends is very recent within the education system, their positive effects on learning have been established. Download our latest Edu Trends report to know the implications, impact and challenges of AR and VR. 

Dialogue as a learning tool: the peer learning approach of Redes de Tutoría
The innovation behind Redes de Tutoría consists of a fundamental change in the pedagogical system: the teacher is not the only source of knowledge in the classroom because each student has the capacity to learn and to teach their peers. 

The new architecture visualization: applying virtual reality tools in educational contexts
There are many educational projects where the use of virtual reality technologies is the basis of new educational dynamics. However, there does not seem to be a clear and extensive validation in the area of architecture and design. Derived from this concern, a research project was carried out to use innovative virtual reality devices in the teaching practice of architecture

Tracing student ID usage can predict behavior
A recent press release from the University of Arizona revealed how powerful data analytics is in predicting student outcomes. Through ID card tracking and the use of big data, machine learning and network science, educational institutions can begin to predict student behavior

We need more women in STEM! Study proposes how to encourage them
Women represent half of the population, although according to a UNESCO study, they represent only 28% of scientific researchers worldwide. A recent Microsoft research exposes why girls and young women lose interest in STEM disciplines and propose measures to encourage them.

10 digital tools for the classroom
Tecnológico de Monterrey specialists in educational technology recommend 10 EdTech tools that teachers can use to make their classes more attractive and efficient. 

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  • Tech Companies Try to Retrain the Workers They're Displacing
    The future of work and the future of education are converging. Experts foresee that workers will need to retrain repeatedly, a trend dubbed “lifelong learning.” (Wired)

  • Social and Emotional Learning Skills are Essential to Formative Assessment Practice
    SEL skills are needed for students to be actors in the formative assessment process. (Getting Smart)

  • Women at Work: 'Pre-Apprenticeships' Boost Female Construction Workers
    In the construction field women comprise less than 3 percent of the trade workforce, roughly the same portion as 30 years ago. The barriers are many. (The Pew Charitable Trusts)