Learning is the Work of the Future

November 15, 2016

Learning is the Work of the Future

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  • A generation ago, teachers could expect that what they taught would last for the life of their students. Today, schools need to prepare students for more rapid economic and social change than ever before, for jobs that haven’t been created, to use technologies that haven’t yet been invented, and to solve social problems that we can’t yet imagine. The future needs to be integrated, collaborative, and it needs to be connected with real-world contexts.

University of Oxford Launches its First MOOC

Times Higher Education

3 Critical Competencies for the Future - Preparing Students to Thrive in 2020

Education Week

  • As described in the 2016 World Economic Forum, we have now entered into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With unprecedented speed, this era has the potential to fundamentally alter the world around us. To succeed in this era, workers will need a new set of skills. The Future of Jobs report projects a list of skills needed to thrive in the year 2020.

Students Pop in for Pop-Ups

Inside Higher Ed

  • Not many students get to enroll in a course called The Semiotics of Trump. They can at Bennington College. The college offered this temporary course in the spring semester of 2016. The temporary nature of the courses is intentional. They are pop-up courses, worth one or two credits, that are meant to encourage students to engage critically with the world’s events as they unfold.

A “Fail Forward” Approach: Building Cultures of Innovation in Schools

Getting Smart

  • The term “fail forward” is becoming a popular one, But what does this approach really look like within the context of a school environment and how does it apply to promote cultures of innovation? Here is a plan broken into four categories for creating and maintaining a culture of innovation in school.

Allen Institute for AI Eyes the Future of Scientific Search


  • The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a not-for-profit created by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, unveiled a new search engine called Semantic Scholar. It uses machine learning and other AI in an effort to significantly improve the way the academic world searches through the increasingly enormous corpus of published research.

Preparing Education Leaders for Success

Getting Smart

  • It's important for us to prepare education leaders for success. Here are some ways we could help ensure they are ready to lead schools. The report Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning outlines ten roles for leaders in deeper learning outcomes. Leaders need to be skilled at setting a vision and mission for an organization, innovating and leading change efforts, focused on instruction and outcomes, and involved locally and in policy to affect change.

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