The Most Innovative Universities

December 6, 2016

The Most Innovative Universities: An Alternative Approach to Ranking

Times Higher Education

  • Many modern research universities claim to be “innovative” or “entrepreneurial”. But what does that mean? Clearly it’s not the university as such that is innovative – it’s the mindset and activities of its professors, PhD students, researchers and lecturers that counts. How many industry-oriented researchers does a university need to have on its payroll to become truly innovative?

What Universities Can Learn from Udacity’s ‘Gig Economy’ Service


  • Two weeks ago, Udacity launched a program called Blitz to connect graduates from its programs with short-term work from potential employers. The idea of matching students with gigs in their field of study goes beyond one platform. Universities, too, are experimenting with similar programs. One example is Northeastern University’s Experiential Network. Will part-time piecework replace traditional internships?

With Station F, Paris Will Have the World’s Biggest Startup Campus


  • Financed by Xavier Niel and directed by Roxanne Varza, Station F is going be the world’s biggest startup campus with companies like Facebook and TechShop opening offices there. “We’re talking about a startup campus because we’re actually very similar to a university campus.”

Yale to Build Center for Innovative Thinking

Yale News

  • Yale is launching a new university-wide center for innovative thinking. The center will not offer courses for credit, but it will provide workshops and short skill-based classes. The center’s mission will be to inspire students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to seek innovative ways to solve real-world problems.

Facebook Wants to Teach You About Artificial Intelligence Now So it Can Hire You Later

Business Insider

  • Facebook, Google, Microsoft and even Elon Musk make big bets that artificial intelligence is integral to the future of computing. But there literally aren't enough experts with the right skills available to hire. Joaquin Quiñonero Candela, the head of Facebook's Applied Machine Learning (AML) research division, explains why the social network wants to teach you about AI.

Why Education Should Become More Like Artificial Intelligence


  • Artificial intelligence is all around us. It’s in our cars, our homes and our pockets. With all this information, this intelligence, at our fingertips shouldn’t our educational system catch up? Teaching not rote facts and figures, but instead teaching students the paths to find this knowledge on their own. Teaching students — as we do with computers through AI — how to learn.

How Will Universities Survive in Tomorrow’s World?

University World News

  • “I would like my university to have a presence in the first space station to Mars,” declared Santiago Iñiguez, president of IE University. The inaugural panel of the international seminar, “Reinventing Higher Education: The university of the future”, held in Santiago, Chile, explored how universities will survive in a world where millions of jobs will be displaced by technology.

Is College Worth It? Recent Grads Share Their Experiences


  • When young adults set out to pick a college back in 2010 and 2011, they were making a decision of a lifetime. But now, it turns out they're all satisfied customers. And among the most important subjects they report learning a lot about was themselves — reconciling their plans and dreams with real life.

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