MIT Dean Takes Leave to Start New University Without Lectures or Classrooms

February 2, 2016

MIT Dean Takes Leave to Start New University Without Lectures or Classrooms

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Christine Ortiz is taking a leave from her post as a professor and dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to start a radical, new nonprofit university that she says will have no majors, no lectures, and no classrooms.
  • The fundamental idea is to put all knowledge acquisition virtually online. The university will still have physical infrastructure, but will prioritize on “project-based learning” where students can have a really deep, integrative longer-term project rather than shorter projects.
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A New Hampshire University Offers Grads Employment 'Guarantee'

Education Week

  • Rivier University, a small Catholic university in southern New Hampshire, has created an "Employment Promise Program" that will be available to full-time undergraduates starting with the class of 2020.
  • Students are guaranteed to land a job within nine months of graduation, or the school will either pay their federally subsidized students loans for up to a year or enroll them in up to six master's degree courses tuition-free.
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Digital Companies Need More Liberal Arts Majors

Harvard Business Review

  • In today’s digitally driven world, companies are competing ferociously for technological skills. They believe the ability to create the hard code that makes a product come to life is at the heart of their success. It’s the same with data analysts and business intelligence engineers.
  • But what companies forget is that this won’t be true forever. It won’t be long before these very skills become commoditized. What can’t be replaced in any organization imaginable in the future is precisely what seems overlooked today: liberal arts skills. These skills will hold the keys to a company’s future success. And yet companies aren’t hiring for them.
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Keywords: liberal arts, skills, creativity, empathy, future of work

Five Ways to Improve Leadership in Universities

The Guardian

  • Higher education is facing more challenges than ever before, so it needs leaders who can motivate staff and ensure the sector remains relevant in a competitive global context. A recent study found that more than four in five staff in the sector believe that developments are needed in this area.
  • So how can we make improvements? With the development of opportunities, by improving diversity, work-life balance, attracting leaders with outside experience, and by analysing the motivations of potential leaders.
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Computer Science, Meet Humanities: in New Majors, Opposites Attract

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Stanford University is starting a pilot program known as CS+X. Its goal is to put students in a middle ground, between computer science and any of 14 disciplines in the humanities, including history, art, and classics. Academics in the humanities see such integration as a way to bring in students who are drawn to such disciplines but feel they need computing skills for their careers.
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Big Data's Coming Of Age In Higher Education


  • There was a lot of hype around big data in higher education in 2015, the application of data-driven decision making begun to permeate all aspects of campus life and operations. But despite the hype, the field remains nascent, the implications uncertain and big questions remain. Here are four predictions to watch for in the coming year.
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Higher Ed Social Media Toolkit

Inside Higher Ed

  • The Social Media Toolkit from the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) provides relevant information for institutions and individuals at all levels of social media fluency. Described as "a practical guide to achieving benefits and managing risks," the guide is of high-value information on social media strategy, tactics, and resources.
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Mindfulness: The Craze Sweeping Through Schools is Now at a University Near You

The Guardian

  • This term, about 200 students from the University of Cambridge will be part of a course laid on by researchers at the university to measure how far mindfulness can help combat stress. The university is offering the eight-week courses as part of the Mindful Student Study, a three-year pilot sparked by concern at the increasing numbers of students accessing mental health services.
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