The World’s Top Universities for Attracting Industry Funding

March 8, 2016

The World’s Top Universities for Attracting Industry Funding

Times Higher Education

  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings data reveal the 20 best institutions based on private-sector investment per academic. Germany’s LMU Munich receives more industry funding per academic than any other institution in the world.
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A College Degree for $1,000?


  • According to a new startup called Teachur, $1,000 USD it's the true cost of a college education. Teachur is part of a trend known as “competency-based education” (CBE), an alternate approach to degree-granting.
  • What will distinguish Teachur is that students don't pay anything until they are ready to be assessed for a course. Most of the $1,000 will go to pay for “blockchain-verified assessments.” Effectively, students will pay an hourly rate for what basically amounts to a face-to-face oral examination with a qualified “counselor.”
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Why College Is So Expensive, And How To Fix It


  • It’s no secret that a college education in America is more expensive than it’s ever been. Students are paying more than ever, while there hasn’t been a real increase in the number or salary of full-time professors.
  • Why have college costs skyrocketed? Because we stopped caring what a college education is all about. It isn’t the facilities; it isn’t the buildings; it sure isn’t the administration. All you really need for a great college/university is great faculty, great students, and minimally sufficient everything else.
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Are Universities Doing Enough to Help Students Start Businesses?

The Guardian

  • Students possess a powerful combination of dynamism, youth and brain power – perfect for turning a business idea into a reality. More than a quarter of students have started, or plan to start, a small venture while studying, according to research by Santander. However, only 10% have ambitions to start a business or continue with their existing venture after university.
  • Although not all students will want to start their own business, many will be freelance and some will have portfolio careers, so they will need to compete for jobs in a global economy and need to be innovative and entrepreneurial to survive and thrive.
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New Trend: College Programs That Provide a Mentor for Every Student


  • Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania may be a small school you’ve never heard of, but they are moving forward on a plan to give every single student a mentor. Mentorships are one of the proven strategies for college success. A 2014 Gallup-Purdue Index survey of 30,000 college graduates found that mentoring was one of the most important factors in life success and happiness after college.
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There Is No FDA For Education. Maybe There Should Be


  • Thomas Kane, a leading professor of education at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, says American education research gets an F. For too long, he says, education research mostly remains trapped in glossy journals and excellent research hasn't been translated into meaningful change.
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Computer Science is the Key to America’s Skills Crisis


  • In a few years, there will be 1.8 million jobs unfilled in the U.S. because we don’t have enough individuals trained with the necessary technical skills to fill them. We must recognize that computer science is fundamental. Computer science teaches kids to be problem solvers and innovators. Helping students develop these skills will benefit them in every subject, in the classroom and beyond.
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Zuckerberg Just Revealed a New Plan to Help Facebook Advance its AI

Tech Insider

  • Facebook will team up with European universities to help it advance artificial intelligence research. Zuckerberg said corporate environments have better access to resources needed to advance AI research, but universities tend to have the top minds. The first university to partner with the social media giant will be the Technical University of Berlin.
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Intelligence Unleashed: How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Education

Getting Smart

  • Pearson and the UCL Knowledge Lab, University College London, launched a new paper entitled Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for AI in Education. The paper defines what AI is and what can offer education. The authors call AIEd, “the engine behind much ‘smart’ EdTech,” as well as a powerful tool providing “deeper, and more fine-grained understandings of how learning actually happens.”
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A College’s First Chief Diversity Officer Sees Cultural Differences as Assets

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Saint Mary’s College of California's new Chief Diversity Officer, Tomas Gomez-Arias, draws on what he has learned as a professor of marketing and global business. According to Gomez-Arias, cultural differences should be seen as assets that can make an organization more dynamic, innovative, and productive, instead of as a "problem" that has to be solved.
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