Higher Ed Disruption Underway — Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard

April 5, 2016

Higher Ed Disruption Underway — Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard

University Business

  • McGee, assures that higher education leaders need to step back from the demands of the present to plan for the future. In his book McGee paints a narrative of three —triangulated disrupters that will force higher education institutions to “think different” to remain competitive: demographic, economic and cultural.
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Designing Next-Generation Universities

Inside Higher Ed

  • There has been much recent talk about the future of universities. Even though such forecasts are fraught with peril, Steven Mintz, Executive Director of the University of Texas System's Institute for Transformational Learning, offers several predictions of what lies ahead.
  • Experiential education, personalized learning pathways, learning by doing, universities without walls, and technology-enhanced education 2.0 are among Mintz's predictions. But for him, one thing is for sure: that ideas are continuously recycled and revived, specially in the case in education.
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Coursera is Offering a Way to Get a Real Master’s Degree for a Lot Less Money


  • Coursera announced a new program that leads to an actual degree. Starting this fall, users will be able to earn a computer-science master’s degree in data science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, through a series of “stackable” online courses on Coursera’s site.
  • Users can test out the program by taking some courses for free and earning specialization certificates. Then, they’ll decide whether they want to pursue additional classes for the full degree, at a cost of $20,000 USD.
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Online Education: A Catalyst for Higher Education Reforms | MIT Online Education Policy Initiative

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Given the accelerating changes in the landscape of higher education, and given the advances in learning science fields and in education technology over recent years, what are the implications of online education on higher education? How could these reforms be implemented? What are the policy implications for university presidents, for faculty and for policy makers?
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LinkedIn Launches Lynda.com 'Learning Paths' In Push To Grow Education Business


  • LinkedIn launched more than 50 Lynda.com “Learning Paths,” a package of ordered courses intended to prepare users for a specific role or to update users’ skills for their current job. When users finish a “Learning Path,” they receive a certificate of completion that they can share with their network on LinkedIn and other social sites.
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Purdue U Gets Into Competency-Based Education With New Bachelor's Degree

Inside Higher Ed

  • Accreditor approves Purdue's new competency-based bachelor's degree, which blends technical disciplines with the humanities and has a customizable approach. Incoming students will be able to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor to create personalized plans of study. The degree looks to prepare students for life and to be ready to adapt to this fast-changing world.
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Universities Vie For the Metric That Cannot Be Measured: Prestige

The Guardian

  • Universities are under pressure to be efficient and effective, and are constantly measured and compared on these qualities. But quite a lot of the universities activities lie on prestige-seeking. Employers and parents value it more highly than any other quality. But how does a university set about building prestige?
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How to Make New Discoveries a Commercial Success

Times Higher Education

  • Universities need to invest in the right people to make the leap from intellectual property to covetable product. But talented researchers relentlessly pursue the new and the different. Commercialisation, in contrast, requires painstaking effort to make innovations standard and reliable so that they can be put into a production process. How to reconcile both groups of people?
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University of Michigan Certification for Innovators

Digital Journal

  • The University of Michigan College of Engineering is offering a certification for innovators through the Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) program. The program builds the innovation skills of participants to become highly practiced innovation leaders. The CPI program focuses on action learning and participants are expected to bring a real innovation challenge.
Read more: http://bit.ly/UMichiganInnovators

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