The University And The Future of Work

May 31, 2016

The University And The Future of Work

Inside Higher Ed

  • The Solo Project, an organization that chronicles and supports the solo community, published the report The New World of Work is Here and We are Not Ready. Soloist work independently, they work with corporations, but not for them. Colleges and universities are preparing students for a world where many of them will be working for themselves. But how well are schools preparing these students?
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Watson University: A Great Place to Incubate Your Startup

Getting Smart

  • Eric Glustrom, one of the Forbes 30 social entrepreneurs under 30, wanted to create a new model of higher education, one that is affordable, applied, based on social impact and bolstered by mentorship. Watson University, the first degree-granting impact-oriented business incubator, wants to: “Unleash next generation talent to solve the toughest social, economic and environmental challenges facing the world.”
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Think Students Are Unhappy With Higher Education? Try Employers


  • Depending on whom you ask, degrees are either increasing in value or about to disappear into the dustbin of history. A new survey revealed that 32 percent of employers are asking for more higher education than they were a few years ago. Meanwhile, employers like Google and Penguin Random House are saying degrees don’t matter. This is the result of a dissatisfaction with the current level of talent being produced by colleges and universities.
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Generalists Get Better Job Offers Than Specialists

Harvard Business Review

  • A new research suggests employers value versatility more than focus. According to the study, specialists were definitely penalized by the market. Not only were they less likely to receive multiple offers, but they were offered smaller signing bonuses. In some cases the specialists earned up to $48,000 less than their generalist peers.
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Why U.S. Entrepreneurship Is Dying


  • American entrepreneurship is dying. The decline has been going on for decades. But, who is responsible for this declining? A prime suspect is the college debt. The student debt crisis is transforming the saving, spending and investment behavior of an entire generation, and is transforming the economy along with it.
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Most Prestigious Universities in Latin America Revealed

Times Higher Education

  • Brazil dominates the list of Latin America’s best universities as judged by Times Higher Education’s Academic Reputation Survey, with the University of São Paulo in the top spot, the State University of Campinas in third place and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in fifth. Outside Brazil, the National Autonomous University of Mexico took second place, and Argentina’s University of Buenos Aires ranked fourth.
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Credits for Kindness

Harvard Ed Magazine

  • A new movement is trying to refocus admissions away from purely individual academic achievement and toward something you can't measure with aptitude tests and a resume padded with public service points: real concern with others and the common good. But moving away from merit by the numbers takes guts.
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Higher Ed Can’t Afford Weak Links in IT Security


  • According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, education accounted for 6.6 percent of all reported cybersecurity incidents in 2015. Symantec’s new findings likely confirm what most higher ed IT professionals already know: that cybersecurity breaches are inevitable. That is why it's important for higher ed institutions to train faculty, staff and students on data security best practices.
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