Can India and China Dominate Higher Ed in the 21st Century?

June 21, 2016

Can India and China Dominate Higher Ed in the 21st Century?

Times Higher Education

  • In the so-called Asian century, no one could dispute that China and India will be the future giants of world higher education. The two Asian giants host a third of the world’s higher education students: China has 34 million students enrolled in higher education, while India has 28.2 million (the US has only 20 million). This sheer size will mean that universities around the world will inevitably find themselves collaborating and competing with them to an ever greater extent.
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Unifying North America through Education

The Catalyst

  • The Catalyst asked two higher education leaders -- Margaret Spellings of the University of North Carolina System and Gregory Fenves of the University of Texas at Austin -- to discuss the role of education in maximizing the potential of the three nations of North America. Both leaders agreed that education will be the key to strengthening continental relations between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.
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Risks and Rewards

The Economist

  • Coding boot-camps have emerged to fill a pressing demand for coders. And they are multiplying. In 2015 more than 16,000 students graduated from them, a 138% increase from the year before. They are also big business: publicly traded for-profit education companies are crowding in. But as the camps proliferate a question emerges: Should for-profit crash courses get federal funds?
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This Is the Tech That Will Make Learning as Addictive as Video Games

Singularity Hub

  • The way we learn today is just wrong. In the traditional education system, you start at an "A," and every time you get something wrong, your score gets lower and lower. In the gaming world, it's just the opposite. You start with zero, and every time you come up with something right, your score gets higher and higher. It completely flips the way we currently learn, and it's addictively fun. We need to literally "gamify" learning itself.
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WISE Announces Global List of Ed Tech Makers and Shakers

Education News

  • The first comprehensive global index of movers and shakers in educational technology has been created by WISE, the World Innovation Summit for Education, and EdTechXGlobal. The Makers and Shakers of Education Technology Index recognizes the 50 most innovative leaders in EdTech, organized by geographic region, including Europe, the Americas, MENA, and Asia. The index honors those who affect the use of education technology in positive ways.
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Zuckerberg’s Foundation is Investing Millions in Andela, a Startup More Elite than Harvard


  • Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are betting on Africa as the next hotbed of technological talent. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is closing a $24 million Series B round with Andela, the Lagos-based company that trains and deploys software developers. Andela is an ultra-selective software developer program: in the past two years, has only accepted the top 0.7% of the more than 40,000 applications it has received.
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An Expensive Law Degree, and No Place to Use It

The New York Times

  • While demand for other white-collar jobs has grown since the start of the recession, employability of recent law school graduates is down 10% since its peak of the last decade. Meanwhile, applications to law schools have dropped almost 40% nationwide over the last six years. With this scenarios and thousands of debt-ridden law school graduates a question arises: Should law schools close?
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The World is Flat: Teachers as Innovators

The Synapse / Medium

  • “The first step in teaching students to innovate is making sure that educators have opportunities to be innovators themselves.” But in order for teachers to be innovators themselves, they need to be provided with the freedom to take risks, the encouragement to break outside of the box, additional time to plan and collaborate, and an environment in which rigid rules are flattened. How can school leaders make sure this is the case?
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Professionalism 101: A Class On How To Get The Job


  • You can take a college course on just about anything nowadays. But some teachers think that crucial basic skills are being overlooked in the process. Things like showing up on time for class, meeting deadlines, dressing appropriately, working well in teams. And now, a growing number of campuses are focusing specifically on "professionalism" — what it entails and how to achieve it.
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The Right Way to Use Analytics Isn’t for Planning

Harvard Business Review

  • We must start to think differently about how business, management, and strategic intelligence works. What companies today need isn’t meticulous plans, but to constantly reassess the business and its markets and competitors. In other words, the goal for strategic intelligence is not to collect market information to make plans, but to use that information to generate insights that in turn support ever-changing perspectives.
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