How Brexit Impacts the Higher Education Sector

June 28, 2016

How Brexit Impacts the Higher Education Sector

Deseret News

  • The recent vote for Great Britain to leave the European Union has caused concern among higher-education administrators, since it may spark significant changes in the U.K. education system that then may cause ripple effects in colleges and universities in the U.S. and other countries. The U.K. voluntarily removing itself from the EU would undermine Britain's position as a global leader in science and innovation but moreover, this could lead to a possible domino effect.
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Britain’s Shaky Status as a Scientific Superpower

The Atlantic

  • Researchers say the UK’s decision to leave the EU will reverse decades of academic gains. In the past three decades, Britain has cemented its status as a scientific leader—a position that many fear it stands to lose. Moreover, a sizable portion of funding for scientific research in the United Kingdom comes from EU grants, and the United Kingdom is one of the largest recipients of research funding in the union. Indeed, the consensus on Brexit among those in the scientific community is grim.
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What Will Be the Impact of Brexit on International Student Mobility?


  • The impact of Brexit on the global student mobility are going to be far reaching. The United Kingdom is the second largest destination of the international students with 436,585 students enrolled in higher education. But with the strong anti-immigration stance of Brexit and an uncertain economic impact, many international students would start considering alternative destinations.
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Focus on Student Satisfaction to Boost University Brand, Says Study

Times Higher Education

  • Universities should focus on building a “personal connection” with students rather than concentrating on prestige to promote their brands, new research has found. According to the paper “The role of brand attachment strength in higher education”, universities should tailor brand enhancement strategies to students' needs.
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Re-educating Rita

The Economist

  • AI technology has great potential in education and the education giants are paying attention. There is a broad consensus that technological progress, and artificial intelligence in particular, will require big changes in the way education is delivered, just as the Industrial Revolution did in the 19th century. But as knowledge becomes obsolete more quickly, the most important thing will be learning to relearn, rather than learning how to do one thing very well.
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Higher Education at a Crossroads

The New York Times

  • American higher education is at a crossroads, as it was in the 1960s when college students were galvanized by the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. We must ask ourselves now, as educators did then, how best to serve a generation of students as they face evolving challenges. As the world changes around us, educational institutions must lead courageously.
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Report: The Coding Boot Camp Market is on the Rise

SD Times

  • Coding boot camps are expected to grow by 74% this year, according to a newly released report by Course Report. The report estimated there would be 17,966 graduates this year, compared to 10,333 last year. Other key findings of the report included there are now 91 boot camp providers and the average tuition being US$11,451.
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Students are Demanding the Facts About Coding Bootcamps


  • In 2012 coding bootcamps began offering courses in software development and promising graduates 100% graduation and placement rates. But these claims are mostly unverified and just how schools arrive at them largely undisclosed. Students, so far, have been the early adopters, but as with any product wider market adoption depends on continually improving clarity, trust, and proof.
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Today’s Students May Be Emotionally Unprepared

The New York Times

  • Students today will not be fully prepared to compete in an increasingly global business environment. The problem — and the solution — is not intellectual. It’s emotional. College students are facing more stress than their parents did, and the resultant anxiety and depression are worrisome to educators and policy makers.
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