Campus Innovations: Showing Promise or Falling Short?

July 12, 2016

Are Campus Innovations Showing Promise, or Falling Short?

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • College and university leaders are searching for ways to meet the challenges ahead, but new innovations and technologies still need strategy and analysis in order to provide the most return on investment. Discover which innovations leaders say are working, and a few that haven’t lived up to expectations. You’ll learn more about which programs to maintain, and which ones to invest in.
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'Top Universities to Offer Full Degrees Online in Five Years'

BBC News

  • Leading universities will offer fully accredited undergraduate courses online within five years, says Daphne Koller, president of Coursera. Koller said the necessary technology was available and had kept improving, but universities had been hesitant about their "reputation" and the "protection of the brand". The big change will occur if leading, campus-based universities begin to compete for mainstream, undergraduate courses online.
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Research: Want More Entrepreneurs? Make College Cheaper

Harvard Business Review

  • When college tuition rises, fewer people take the plunge into entrepreneurship, according to a new working paper by Harvard Business School economist Gareth Olds. The paper isn’t studying Millennials, it’s focused on their parents. It makes sense that looming tuition bills might depress a parent’s appetite for career risk. Olds suggests that “the rising cost of higher education may be partially responsible for the decline in new business starts in the U.S.”
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The Importance of Faculty in the Higher Education Experience

Stephen Downes / Half an Hour

  • The shape of learning is changing with online learning and connective technology creating a new role for students as shapers and creators of knowledge in their own right. Now with the lecture being replaced with online videos and class discussion moving to locations like Facebook and Twitter, what role does the faculty play? How do they remain relevant in a world shaped by publishers and learning management systems? In this talk, Downes focuses on this question and offers insights about the future of online learning.
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Latin America University Rankings 2016: Results Announced

Times Higher Education

  • Brazil is the top performer in a new Times Higher Education ranking. The country claims half the top 10 places, with the University of São Paulo and the State University of Campinas in first and second place, respectively. Chile is the second most-represented nation; led by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (in third position) and the University of Chile (fourth). Mexico also has two representatives in the top 10, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (eighth) and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ninth).
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How Microcredentials are Changing the Landscape of Higher and Technical Education

The EvoLLLution

  • The tried and true printed college transcript has served us well, but many higher education institutions are considering the inclusion of digital badging/credentials. Today, millennials want a way to instantly port their credentials and for the non-traditional working adult student, the idea of earning a microcredential may seem less daunting than going back to school for a full degree. Thus, digital badging and microcredentials have a big disruptive potential.
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Millennials Are Taking Control of Their Careers and Educational Paths

Getting Smart

  • Millennials are the most educated generation in U.S. history, unfortunately, this education—particularly higher education—is no longer the key for a job and a better life. Because these young people can no longer rely on traditional education alone to find work that’s both lucrative and meaningful, many are hustling to make their own luck, by turning to other forms of education or by creating startups.
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AI and Push Learning for Student Guidance and Advisory

Getting Smart

  • Applying to college can be difficult, even with access to information and resources. In the U.S. there is a 500:1 counselor to student ratio. One solution is being led by AdmitHub, creators of Oli, a chatbot that combines artificial intelligence with human experts to provide college guidance. This bot is a game changer for colleges in guiding their prospects and admitted students on the path to and through college.
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