Adaptation is no longer a choice for most colleges and universities today

August 2, 2016

Above the Noise: The Higher Education Highway (Part 1)

The EvoLLLution

  • Adaptation is no longer a choice for most colleges and universities today. In order to remain in charge of their own destinies, institutional leaders must be willing to be bold and challenge the status quo. This is the first installment in a three-part series by Kenneth Hartman, Past President of Drexel University Online, Drexel University, exploring what it takes for an institution to reinvent itself for long-term stability in today’s postsecondary marketplace.

Disruptive Innovations in Learning

Stephen Downes

  • In this presentation, Stephen Downes outlines the characteristics of innovation and considers them in the light of educational technology. Downes also questions some major innovations from the perspective of idea, benefit and execution. Finally, he looks at the changing nature of benefits in education and takes learning beyond innovation and into transformation.

Study Finds Chinese Students Excel in Critical Thinking. Until College.

The New York Times

  • A new study, by researchers at Stanford University, found that Chinese students lose their advantage in critical thinking in college. Critics argue that lack of motivation among students, apathy and poor teaching are eating away at advantages seen in primary and secondary schools. Many students believe that the gloomy job market is to blame for their lack of motivation, “Some students just give up, because no matter how hard they work, they still will never get their dream jobs.”

Transforming the Institution to Treat Students Like Customers

The EvoLLLution

  • Today’s students are discerning, price-conscious and outcomes-oriented. They have higher expectations when it comes to service and quality than ever before. However, many higher education leaders are still loathe to think of students as customers. In this interview, Mark Farrell and John Davis dive into the notion of the student as a customer and share their thoughts on why it’s so important for postsecondary leaders to get past this particular hang-up.

Why Is It So Hard to Learn Math?

Michael Crow | LinkedIn

  • Language is hard. In fact, it’s infinitely harder and more complicated than math. And yet, nearly every small child can learn and master language. Why is math so overwhelming for so many students? And how high is the price we pay from having so many math-terrified or even math-illiterate people in our society? Too high, especially as the ability to grasp data and pursue advanced work that involves math is becoming increasingly important for both citizens and job applicants.

Indian EdTech Startup 'iAugmentor' Endorses Technology to Build ‘Universities of the Future’

EdTech Review

  • Today, there is a huge disconnect among students, looking to enter the industry. Although students have the right academic qualifications, they lack basic life skills like presentation skills, public speaking, etc. that go a long way in their career growth. To bridge this gap, iAugmentor, a pioneering technology-enabled learning platform, introduces the concept of ‘Universities of the Future”.

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