College rankings are a joke | How can today’s college students future-proof their careers?

September 20, 2016

Why College Rankings Are a Joke

The New York Times

  • College rankings nourish the myth that the richest, most selective colleges have some corner on superior education; don’t adequately recognize public institutions that prioritize access and affordability; and do insufficient justice to the particular virtues of individual campuses. Moreover, rankings elevate clout above learning, which isn’t as easily measured.

Ask an Economist: How Can Today’s College Students Future-Proof Their Careers?

The Atlantic

  • A 2013 study out of Oxford estimated that just shy of half of American jobs were at risk of being swallowed up by advances in automation. In anticipation of changes like this, is there anything that today’s college students can do now to future-proof their careers? A panel of experts gives some (pretty dispiriting) advice to a generation that will come of age as automation does.

Obama Administration Announces Release of New Scorecard Data

U.S. Department of Education

  • Higher education decisions have lasting impacts on students and their futures. Unfortunately, too many students and families struggle to find clear, reliable information on the prospective colleges they are considering. That’s why, in September 2015, President Obama announced the redesigned College Scorecard. Today’s College Scorecard refresh includes more than 1,700 data points for more than 7,000 institutions of higher education.

2016 Course Report Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Study

Course Report

  • A new study by Course Report reveals the latest and most comprehensive survey of graduates in the coding bootcamp space. This year's Student Outcomes & Demographics Study dives into bootcamp graduate success, analyzing not only demographics and outcomes, but also how previous experience, income, location, and other factors impact a student's average salary and ability to get a developer job.

Data Shows Tech Employers Are Looking For Experience Over Education


  • Who is more hirable: someone with 3 years of work experience and no degree, or someone with a degree but with internship experience? In the U.S., experience is more important than a degree.

Has College Become “the New High School”?


  • As the United States prepares to choose a new president this November, passionate debate continues on how best to put every child on a path towards a successful future. CMRubinWorld’s new interview with world-renowned thought leader Dr. Howard Gardner illuminates crucial changes needed for the US education system to encourage life-long learning.

The Internationalisation of Higher Education in Mexico

Times Higher Education

  • Internationalisation is now widely recognised across the globe as an essential element of education, but it has proved far easier for some countries than for others. América M. Lizárraga González charts the progress being made towards embedding an international approach in Mexican universities.

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