Gartner reveals the top tech trends for business in 2018


Gartner reveals the top tech trends for business in 2018
The advisory firm Gartner has released a report on the technology trends that will reshape business in 2018. Among them are artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, and event thinking. The report is based on what the company calls the intelligent digital mesh, “the entwining of people, devices, content, and services.”

MIT launches new innovative continuing education programs
MIT Professional Education announced that it will launch Digital Plus Programs, which will provide innovative collaborative learning courses that combine technology with live interactions to enhance critical thinking. The courses have a duration of 6 to 10 weeks and innovate in the design and teaching methods; they range from online to in-person sessions and include group-based projects to enable interaction and networking.

Cornell University launches $1.5M Center for Data Science for Improved Decision Making
Funded by a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s TRIPODS (Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science) program, Cornell University launched the Center for Data Science for Improved Decision Making, a center focused on the research of data management systems that handle data responsibly and are used for the public benefit.

New data analytics study reveals how to boost educational outcomes
In another example of how data science is changing the face of education research, McKinsey & Company, the management consulting firm, has released this year a series of reports on education around the world. Through advanced analytics and machine learning, a group of experts studied the results of the PISA 2015 test and found which variables were most strongly associated with good test performance.