Mentoring in education


Mentoring in education
Mentoring is an educational relationship between a mentor and a mentee whom the mentor teaches, listens to, shares with, accompany, supports, and guides on his or her learning pathway. Our new Edu Trends report offers an overview of mentoring as an educational trend, particularly in the field of higher education and entrepreneurship. 

Blended learning: the future of higher education?
In the last decades, colleges and universities have been threatened by the rise of the Internet and the new delivery methods that have emerged since then. But a growing number of colleges and universities are adopting hybrid learning models that combine brick-and-mortar teaching with online instruction, creating flexible and timely educational models. 

Oxford opens new entrepreneurial hub
The Oxford University has launched a new facility, the Oxford Foundry, that aims to build a community of innovation across the institution, developing students’ entrepreneurial skills and supporting their creative ventures. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was invited to officially launch the center. In his speech, he said students should focus on making products that they want to use and embrace people that think different.

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak launches online platform to oust the tech skills gap
Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s original founders, has launched a new online platform that wants to train people for “high-paying technology” jobs. The Woz U digital institute aims to “revamp higher education for the tech industry” by filling the skills gap for technology jobs across the United States. 

Open pedagogy is key to improving teaching practices
An open teaching practice incorporates students as part of a community where collaborative learning is fostered and cross-curricular skills in written and oral communication are developed. In addition, online publications related to the contents of the courses are encouraged, allowing students to develop their own digital portfolio.