The World's Most Employable Graduates: Global University Employability Ranking 2017

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The World's Most Employable Graduates: Global University Employability Ranking 2017
A new global employability ranking published by Times Higher Education reveals which universities the recruiters at top international companies think are the best at preparing students for the workplace. The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, and Switzerland are among the best-represented countries in the employability ranking.

TecPrize, a contest to reinvent Higher Education
As part of the entrepreneurship festival INCmty 2017, a challenge was set: to reinvent Higher Education and to create the future leaders of our complex future. TecPrize dares authors and creators to imagine a different future for Higher Education. The goal is to attract brilliant minds from different backgrounds to imagine how Higher Education will be in 2049, through a short film, a comic book, or a short story.

Tec de Monterrey is ranked 14th in entrepreneurship worldwide
Tecnológico de Monterrey has the 14th best undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the world, according to the new ranking The Princeton Review's Top Schools for Entrepreneurship Studies for 2018. For the study, researchers examined the the level of institutional commitment to entrepreneurship of more than 300 institutions. 

The UK will need to learn Spanish after Brexit
One of the most important post-Brexit challenges in UK's education is language learning. Global connections are essential, and the United Kingdom’s languages deficit is worrisome. A recent study shows that Spanish is the most important language that British need to learn after Brexit.

Mobile apps fight first-year college student discouragement and increase retention
Most of the time students face an intimidating first-year experience in college. Some take months to keep up with the school's pace, and others can’t cope with it and drop out. New studies suggest that the use of mobile apps during the first year of college fights discouragement and improves retention.

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