Study indicates business incubators can have adverse impacts on research and innovation

February 14, 2017

Study indicates business incubators can have adverse impacts on research and innovation

Inside Higher Ed

  • Business incubators are booming among universities, with many top research institutions establishing incubators. But new research published in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal shows that university-affiliated incubators aren’t all they’re cracked up to be when it comes to at least one key metric of innovation: patents. The research found a drop in innovation quality follows the creation of university-affiliated incubators and a reduction in licensing income after incubators were established.


DeVos and higher education

The Washington Post

  • As Betsy DeVos takes office as Education Secretary, college leaders and analysts are watching for signs of where the Trump administration stands on higher education issues. DeVos will take the helm at a time when the department is contending with high student loan defaults and mounting complaints about for-profit colleges. The department manages nearly $2 trillion in loans and grants, the largest student aid portfolio in its 37-year history.


The new leadership

Getting Smart

  • The nature of work is changing. We are moving at a faster pace. People live, learn, connect, work and shop now on platforms. Work is more competitive, and machines are edging out humans in the workplace. So what does this all mean for education leaders? How can we grow leaders with deep project management skills and 21st-century learning skills?


What are the top student cities in the world?

Times Higher Education

  • Want to know what are the best university cities in the world? A new analysis of Times Higher Education data reveals where the world’s best colleges congregate. Los Angeles, London, Berlin and New York are among the best.


What if programming is the next blue-collar job?


  • For decades, pop culture have overpromoted the “lone genius” coder, a hoodied college dropout who builds an app in 72-hours. But what if we regarded code not as a high-stakes, sexy affair, but the equivalent of skilled work at a Chrysler plant? Among other things, it would change training for programming jobs—and who gets encouraged to pursue them.


Singularity University launches enrollment for its 2017 Global Solutions Program

Singularity Hub

  • Singularity University has opened the call for its Global Solutions Program (GSP), an intensive 24/7 experience for innovators from a wide diversity of backgrounds, geographies, perspectives, and expertise. The program aims to create moonshot innovations that will positively transform the future of humanity.


Mexico’s CETYS co-hosted international conference with US universities as Trump presidency begins

Times Higher Education

  • With accurate symbolism in light of Mr Trump presidency, the Mexican university CETYS and its US neighbours San Diego State University and the University of San Diego, recently hosted the semi-annual meeting of the International Association of University Presidents. Fernando León-García, president of CETYS, said that universities have the big challenge of collectively promote tolerance, understanding and a global perspective.


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