What's on the horizon for higher ed institutions?

February 21, 2017

What's on the horizon for higher ed institutions? NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition

NMC Horizon

  • The New Media Consortium (NMC) has released the 14th edition of its NMC Horizon Report: Higher Education Edition, a research collaboration between the NMC and the Educause Learning Initiative designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on education. This year, the Horizon Report posits the six key trends accelerating higher education technology adoption: blended learning designs and collaborative learning (short-term), learning measurement and learning spaces (mid-term), advancing cultures of innovation and deeper learning approaches (long-term).


Accelerated and affordable master's degrees: Top universities are betting big on micro-degree programs


  • Some top universities around the world are experimenting with new ways to make some master's degrees more affordable, NPR reported. It's called a MicroMasters and MIT, Columbia University, the University of Michigan, and other universities are betting on these online programs on engineering, business and computer science for a fraction of tuition costs. Even industry leaders are encouraging their employees and job applicants to take MicroMasters. But it's not as simple as that. There are big hurdles for students, and clear benefits for the universities.


N.Y.U. students want to pay less for college. The university suggest: finish faster

The New York Times

  • In response to many complains about the cost of four years at New York University, the institution has a suggestion for them: Finish faster. The university announced a series of measures that make it easier to graduate in under four years, part of an initiative aimed at diminishing the university’s enormous affordability problem. With the university’s affordability steering committee, about 20 percent of N.Y.U. students already graduated ahead of schedule.


Coursera rolls out a new Netflix-like search tool powered by machine learning


  • Coursera formally announced a new search tool enabling users to search directly for skills they want to learn and receive recommended content from the company. The new tool is powered by machine learning and has a skills graph and a classifier that maps skills to content. A natural extension could be collaboration with enterprises to identify the skills necessary for given roles.


Is technology making teachers obsolete?

The Atlantic

  • Developments in education technology promise to assist teachers and school systems in supporting struggling students by providing individualized instruction. But at what cost? A veteran educator reflects on the personalized-learning trend that’s left him wondering if a computer is more capable of doing his job than he is.


How can the workforce prepare for the automated future?


  • Thanks to an unprecedented number of technological advancements, employees around the world are struggling to compete in a fast-moving and dynamic global job market. But how can the workforce prepare for the automated future? The answer lies in continuous education. We need to start thinking about education as an integral part of our life, even after college. Lifelong learning is the path forward to a brighter and more profitable future.


The OEC presents the 2017 winners of OER & Project Awards for Open Education Excellence

Open Education Consortium


BuzzFeed marketing: the new trend at college admissions

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Stephen Loguidice, BuzzFeed’s vice president for brand development, said the company approached universities that were "doing interesting things" with their marketing, to pitch the idea of marketing themselves to prospective students through the internet giant. The advertising is meant to speak specifically to one small subset of prospective students.


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