Now You Can Learn a Language While You Wait For WiFi 


Now You Can Learn a Language While You Wait For WiFi
There are numerous moments in a day that are typically wasted due to waitin: waiting for the elevator to arrive, WiFi to connect, or an instant message to arrive. With that in mind, researchers from MIT's CSAIL have developed a series of apps that opens up new possibilities for micro-learning.

New York Will Offer Free Tuition (with some restrictions)
In a historic move, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a deal that will make tuition free at CUNY and SUNY for families with annual incomes up to $125,000. The governor's office estimates that nearly 940,000 families in New York State will be eligible for free public college tuition when the plan is fully phased in. The program called "The Excelsior Scholarship" has been hailed as a breakthrough and a model for other states, but some additions to the plan are alarming experts.

The Value of Interdisciplinary Research
Important research ideas often transcend the scope of a single discipline or program, pushing fields forward and accelerating scientific discovery. But interdisciplinary research is not easy to achieve, specially in big campuses where is more common to find clustered islands instead of real interdisciplinary teams. With that in mind, scholars at Duke University have attempted to solve this issue.

How Universities Are Using Big Data
“You could say it was bold. You could say it was crazy; maybe even arrogant. But I decided that if Georgia State was going to do something really big, this was the goal whose achievement would allow us to change the world,” declared Mark Becker, president of Georgia State University, reflecting on a decision to focus on data analysis. A growing number of universities are using big data to improve student success but there are ethical issues that arises with the exploitation of student data.

University Classes Should Start at 11am or Later to Improve Learning
At many universities classes start at early morning, without regard to optimal functioning times for students with different chronotypes. But a new study indicates that starting classes at 11am or later benefits the greatest number of students.