MicroBachelors: the new edX credentials

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“We need a more interdisciplinary education that allows students to graduate with transversal competencies”
Colleen Silva-Hayden, Assistant Director of University Innovation at Harvard University, LASPAU, spoke with the Observatory about the challenges facing universities, the role teachers and students in the future of education,alternative credentials and interdisciplinary education

MicroBachelors: the new edX credentials
The online educational platform maintains its objective of reinventing higher education with the development of a new online program calledMicroBachelors. Although the program has not yet been formally launched, Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, announced that these programs will be modular and flexible and will cover 25 to 50% of a conventional bachelor degree. 

A bachelor's degree in the humanities can also lead to a successful career
A new report belies the hackneyed stereotype of humanities students as a group destined to underemployment. The report reveals that the wage gapbetween the humanities and other fields, such as business and engineering, isreduced over time

Do students want a college degree just to make more money?
A recent study conducted by Gallup and Strada Education revealed the main reason why students aspire to have a degree. Is it to learn something new? To shape a better world? or is it just to earn more money? The survey taken by 200,000 adults from more than 3000 post-secondary institutions in the US, revealed that the main reason for studying a career is to have a good job.

Paying MOOC students are on the rise
The pursuit of alternative credentials is on the rise. Platforms like Udacity, edX and Coursera are maturing, and the job market is starting to recognize their certifications. The leading MOOC search engine platform, Class Central, reported MOOC consumption statistics in 2017, and results show anincreasing paid course enrollment

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