World Economic Forum report presents strategies to increase employment in the face of automation

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"The most important skill is really learning how to learn" - Amar Kumar on the future of education
The jobs of today will not be the jobs of tomorrow, and we will need to continue to pick up new skills as we go. In an interview with the Observatory, Amar Kumar said that learners who know how to learn are going to be incredibly successful. 

Keep Calm and reskill - World Economic Forum report presents strategies to increase employment in the face of automation
A new report released by the World Economic Forum shows a changing but encouraging future for employment in the US in 2026. In this scenario,universities will play a key role in the ongoing training of the workforce, and the need for new educational models and new types of credentials will be increasingly evident.

MIT Intelligence Quest: A large scale interdisciplinary project
A new initiative by the MIT seeks to understand what intelligence is and how this knowledge can be applied to various branches of science and engineering for the benefit of humanity. MIT IQ has two main components: The Core, to advance science and engineering in both human and artificial intelligence, andThe Bridge, to implement and disseminate these findings to all disciplines.

Andrew Ng announces a 175-million-dollar fund to boost AI startups
Andrew Ng, the AI guru, announced the formation of a startups incubator with the aim of building transforming companies and improving human life. The AI Fund will provide capital to startups so they can move quickly and avoid getting distracted with lost time in fundraising.

Tech giants expand their presence in education
Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other technology companies are growing their presence in online platforms, like edX and Coursera, to offer more courses aimed at individuals that seek training in their software or in tech subjects.

What we are reading

  • Amazon is quietly becoming its own university
    Amazon has hired Candace Thille, a leader in learning science, cognitive science, and open education, to be “director of learning science and engineering.” (Quartz)

  • AI is the future but universities must retain the values of the past
    How should universities approach the exciting new world of AI? What should be top of mind? (Times Higher Education)

  • Putting Learners First: The Future of Microcredentialing
    Kathleen Radionoff and Mark Leuba discuss the future of microcredentials. (The Evolllution)

  • How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? This 2×2 Matrix Will Tell You
    An index that measures an industry’s current level of disruption as well as its susceptibility to future disruption. (Harvard Business Review)

  • 3 Million Americans Live in Higher Education Deserts
    3 million Americans live more than 25 miles from a public college and do not have access to online programs. (Inside Higher Ed)