Entrepreneurship course for women

This week's must-read stories

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative debuts in Coursera
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women launched a free program on Coursera that aims to improve female entrepreneurs' business skills. This course includes ten modules that address marketing, sales, and finance, among other topics. 

The University of Helsinki unveils free course on AI
The University of Helsinki together with Reaktor, the business technology consultant, launched a free online course on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The initiative aims to demystify the perception that the study of AI is complicated and exclusive to those who master math or programming.

Science for preschoolers
We need to make science more interesting for young people, in particular children, with tools that facilitate the understanding of the scientific and technological advances that affect their environment. This team has designed a teacher’s manual that provides a weekly science experiment for a whole school year.

Tecnológico de Monterrey
Tec de Monterrey launches tech exchange center in China
The technology exchange center opened its doors in the Chinese city of Hangzhou and will work as a technological exchange platform between China and Mexico. It aims to bring to life projects created by Mexican students and researchers.

What we are reading

  • Employers like EY and IBM are now hiring workers without college degrees
    Companies often use a bachelor’s degree requirement as shorthand for a variety of soft skills. But the tight labor market is forcing them to broaden their talent pools. (Fast Company)

  • The Benefits and Limitations of Machine Learning in Education
    It’s time to take an objective look at the real advantages and disadvantages of machine learning. (The Tech Edvocate)

  • Georgia Tech and the Scholarship of Institutional Learning Innovation
    A document reveals a large-scale shift at the institution towards a vision in which the school provides its students with a lifetime of learning and credentialing. (Inside Higher Ed)

  • What is the Singularity? 
    The broad idea is that the rate of technological progress is accelerating exponentially, and will continue to do so, to the point where it escapes all efforts at control. (The Economist)

  • How Everyone Benefits from Badging: A Guide to Mainstreaming Digital Credentials
    Digital badges add great value for employers, students and institutions alike but it’s critical for colleges and universities to more quickly recognize and adopt the delivery of these microcredentials to keep pace with labor market needs. (The EvoLLLution)