Best universities for teaching and learning

This week's must-read stories

By Karina Fuerte

The European universities with the best teaching and learning environments
The University of Oxford is the number one university for teaching and learning, according to a new ranking released by the Times Higher Education that focuses on institutions’ teaching and learning environments. The ranking measures student engagement and outcomes, the diversity of institutions’learning environments, and the resources that universities have to teach effectively.

DISCIPLINA, blockchain to verify academic credentials
DISCIPLINA aims to be the first platform with blockchain technology dedicated to keeping a secure and verifiable record of academic credentials. The blockchain project will allow users to store their academic and professional achievements, in addition to providing access to that data through a unified platform.

The challenge of university dropouts
A recent survey reveals some of the reasons why students quit higher education and identify areas of opportunity that are rarely addressed. Some of the causes of university dropouts are the lack of counselinganxiety, lack of learning skills and the inability to concentrate.

Coursera aims to be more accurate with A/B Testing
One of the most used marketing strategies to improve advertising outcomes is A/B Testing. Coursera recently added this instrument in its platform so that instructors can compare elements and better shape the content of their courses. 

Achieving Entrepreneurship through Play
It is vital that we approach the phenomenon of entrepreneurship with a new perspective that takes into account the entrepreneur as an individual, developing their transversal competences and the emotional processes that they face during the initial stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

The impact of video on education
A survey found that 92% of students say that video content raises the feeling of satisfaction in their learning experience. In turn, 83% of teachers consider that this tool promotes collaboration and professional development.

What we are reading

  • China could overtake US on research impact by mid-2020s
    China already produces more papers indexed in Scopus than the US and is set to bypass its rival on overall research output by 2022. (Times Higher Education)

  • The importance of collaboration between faculty and administrators and the roadblocks to it
    "It is vital to understand that any changes or innovations, particularly to curriculum and approaches to learning, need to start with the faculty." (Inside Higher Ed)

  • Blackboard Debt Takes a Hit After Colleges Drop Its Education Software
    "Almost all of our peer institutions have moved to Canvas," Cornell University -- Blackboard’s very first customer -- said that Canvas was easier to use and more technologically advanced. (Bloomberg)

  • All learning ‘is going to happen digitally’, Coursera boss says
    “The boundaries between online and on campus will blur together, and they already are.” (Times Higher Education)

  • A College Prices Its Online Programs 60% Less
    “You can spend a whole lot of money if you're not well organized and don’t know what you’re doing.” (Inside Higher Ed)

  • Academic publishing is broken. Here’s how to redesign it
    Only around 25% of the global corpus of research knowledge is open access which is a real impediment to resolving major problems. (Fast Company)

  • Humanizing Tech May Be the New Competitive Advantage
    Everyday objects are now becoming smart objects with the ability to interact with humans. What are the guidelines for structuring these conversations? (MIT Sloan Management Review)