A digital certification program with blockchain

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MIT introduces new digital certification program powered by blockchain technology
MIT has launched Digital Diploma, a pilot program that offers students the ability to receive their certifications on their smartphones via an app that uses Bitcoin's blockchain technology. One of the key benefits for students is that they can prove to employers or other schools that they have an MIT diploma, then, the third party can verify the authenticity via a portal.

Cornell launches program to bring humanities skills into tech fields
Cornell University announced a new program that aims to deliver a unique multidisciplinary curriculum through the combination of liberal arts and sciences education to create "problem solvers who have 21st-century skills" who help address the world greatest challenges.

New report shows the emerging trends of learning technology
A new paper by the Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning (CIRCL) has revealed six emerging trends in the area of learning sciences and computer science –among them remote scientific labs and digital performance spaces-, and three advancing methods to study and improve these learning designs.

Financial laboratories, complementing education
As part of the implementation of a competency-based model, financial laboratories offer several benefits for learning. Teachers can complement their practice by encouraging students to put the theoretical concepts and examples completed in class into practice in a real environment, thereby, students will be able to develop better skills for financial analysis and decision-making.

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