The Future of the College Presidency


Report: Mapping the Future of the College Presidency
At a time when thoughtful leadership is more important than ever, the role of the college president is witnessing enormous challenges. A new report examines the challenges college presidents face today and what will be required to strengthen their role in the coming decades. 

The Best Higher Education Systems of 2017: Universitas 21 Ranking
Universitas 21 has released its sixth edition of the Universitas 21 Ranking, which focuses on measuring the quality of higher education systems around the world. This year, Universitas 21 ranks the higher education systems from fifty countries based on four areas: Resources, Environment, Connectivity and Output. 

Bloomberg: MBA programs push entrepreneurial skills employers don’t want
In a world where startups proliferate and entrepreneurship is worshiped, top business schools are trying to attract students by offering entrepreneur-focused programs. But a new report found that only 3% of recent MBA graduates start new businesses.

Data Economy Gives Rise to Specialized Courseware
Amid the explosive growth of the data economy, and all the jobs that have been created as a result, universities and online education platforms are following the trend very close, launching new courses on the subject at an accelerated pace.