U of Arizona creates "Micro-campuses" to address global demand for higher education


U of Arizona creates "Micro-campuses" to address global demand for higher education
The University of Arizona is partnering with 11 universities to create 25 "micro-campuses" around the world with the aim to open doors for students unable to study in the United States by providing access to UA degrees in their home countries. 

Airbnb is democratizing Data Science with Data University
Airbnb believes that every employee should be empowered to make data informed decisions. To address this challenge, the company wants to democratize data science with its own university-style program: Data University. 

"To gain prestige universities must impact society"
Universities should respond to what companies need and promote lifelong learning in students, says Vicente Atxa, dean of Mondragon University.  In this exclusive interview, Atxa talks about the role of universities in our society, on the Ethics behind the development of new technologies and the challenges facing higher education today.

Tailored instruction can have negative outcomes in students
A new study shows that learning styles, an influential and popular approach among educators, can oversimplify human cognition and provide wrong advice, with the danger of negative outcomes for learners. 

Learning to read as an adult can rewire your brain
A new research suggest that learning to read literally changes how the brain works, even in regions that aren’t usually associated with reading and writing. The study found that only 6 months of literacy training can lead to neuroplastic changes in the mature brain.