Innovative companies in 2018

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By Karina Fuerte

The most innovative education companies of 2018
The Fast Company list of the most innovative education companies ranges from instructional platforms to children wellness programs. The leader in the education sector is CommonBond, the student loan relief company. Duolingo and Coursera are also included in the top 10.

María Klawe on the role of women in STEM careers, in an interview for the Observatory
Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College, talked with the Observatory about the future of education, the role of women in careers that were believed to be only for men, and the influence liberal arts will have in the future of education and work

Imperial College London and Coursera launch a new program that teaches the foundation of artificial intelligence
The Imperial College London, one of the top STEM universities in the world, has partnered with Coursera to launch its first MOOCs with the goal of providing learners with a solid foundation in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The new program is a Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization. 

Hypergiant, an AI startup that aims to solve real business problems
An Austin, entrepreneur just launched a startup called Hypergiant with the aim to develop more “down to earth” AI business solutions for the most successful brands. The new startup is aiming to solve business problems with AI-driven tools that don’t take years to develop. 

Teaching responsibility and its evaluation, according to UNESCO
Teachers whose work is not recognized and adequately rewarded often feeloverburdened and undervalued, which can influence absenteeism, motivation and effectiveness. The Global Education Monitoring Report 2017/8 "Accountability in Education," carried out by UNESCO, examines theresponsibilities of teachers and the mechanisms used to evaluate their performance around the world. 

What we are reading

  • Shaking up the leadership model in higher education
    Colleges and universities are turning to “outsider” leaders for an injection of nontraditional leadership. (McKinsey & Company)

  • Michelle Weise: ‘We Need to Design the Learning Ecosystem of the Future’
    The future of our nation’s prosperity will depend on a citizenry that regularly retools itself for the future of work. But we need to translate lifelong learning into actions. (EdSurge)

  • A college degree, or your money back
    Due to the high cost and financial risk of pursuing a degree, a growing number of colleges and universities are guaranteeing a job after graduation. (The Hechinger Report)

  • How universities could drive more innovative research to market — and share in the profits
    Search fund investments could solve a big problem universities face: invest in and commercialize the technologies that are born out of their own research institutions. (VentureBeat)

  • Women Need One More Degree Than Men to Earn the Same, Says New Georgetown University Study
    Women have surpassed men in educational attainment. Yet, women still make just 81 cents for every dollar earned by men. (PRWeb)

  • Inside Cornell's new graduate school that wants to "build a better digital future"
    With a multidisciplinary curriculum, Cornell Tech aims to help students build a company from conception to prototype. (Business Insider)