Only 44% of College Students Feel “Very prepared” for Careers


Survey: Only 44% of College Students Feel “Very prepared” for Careers
A new research from McGraw-Hill Education provides a picture of how prepared students feel about entering the workforce and the hopes and concerns students have about their post-graduation lives.

These are the universities leading on AI research
Companies and governments are showing an increasing interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the industry is rapidly adapting to push the frontiers of AI. But no advancements can be made without the work of researchers and universities. 

A coding school that pays you to attend
While the average full-time programming bootcamp in the U.S. costs around $11,451, Revature, a new Virginia-based coding bootcamp rather than charging tuition is now paying students to learn computer programming while also guaranteeing them jobs when they graduate. 

Study provides guidelines for the use of educational data
As massive amounts of educational data can now be stored, parents and privacy advocates are raising concerns about the misuse of the information. Addressing this issue, a new report provides guidelines for the use of research data. 

For designers, writing well is as essential as programing
Programming has been recognized for years as a must-have skill for designers, while writing has been neglected, but words are just as powerful as graphics for presenting ideas in a professional way.