Full-time students are more likely to finish college

Photo:  Wikimedia

Photo: Wikimedia

A new report by the Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE) shows that full-time students are more likely to stay in college than those enrolled part-time.  The good news is that even one semester of full-time study provides a benefit.  

The study, which looked at data from 29 community colleges, defines three types of enrollment status: 

  • Always part-time: Students who have attended part-time in every term (29%).
  • Fluid attendance: Students who have attended college part-time in some semesters and full-time in others (54%).
  • Always full-time: Students who have attended full-time every term (18%).

The data revealed that 50% of always full-time and 34% of fluid attendance students graduated with an associate degree or certificate, while only 23% of always part-time students did. 

The CCCSE explains that several factors affect full-time students’ edge: they are more likely to receive comprehensive orientation and they spend more time on campus, building connections with other students and professors.

Interestingly, part-time faculty are less likely to engage with students than are full-time faculty.
To lift up engagement, the Center advises to get students to study at least one semester full-time.