"Ask a Researcher": Digital Promise improves its interactive Research Map

Digital Promise "Research Map"

Digital Promise "Research Map"

There is a huge amount of academic literature and knowledge in education journals. Yet, most educators, administrators and education leaders don’t have enough time to sift through hundreds of papers, and often don’t know where to start. 

Last year, Digital Promise launched an interactive ‘Research Map’ with data visualizations, videos and links to relevant studies on broad educational topics, with the aim to provide education stakeholders a visual way to explore the full landscape of education and learning science research. 

Now, Digital Promise revealed an updated version of the Research Map, with new data visualization based on over 100,000 peer-reviewed articles from 184 journals. Moreover, the tool offers new ways to access relevant learning science findings. 

Some of the key new features are:

To learn more about the new updates, visit the Digital Promise blog.