Siemens Foundation awards scholarships for up to $100,000

The Siemens Foundation reorganizes its Competition in Math, Science and Technology and will now award prizes of up to $100,000 for high school students that excel in scientific research.

The top prize is for the national level, whether it is won by an individual or a team, while regional winners will receive $3,000. Teams can consist of up to three participants.

The goal of the contest is to improve students’ understanding of scientific value and to foster a culture of innovation, research, and continuous learning. Siemens encourages women and minorities to apply, citing the advantages of participating, such as:

  • Expands your inquiry-based skills.
  • Challenges you to solve some of the world's toughest problems.
  • Opens new doors in pursuit of your educational and career objectives.
  • Provides the opportunity to meet other students who share your interest in research.
  • Allows you to engage with distinguished scientists.
  • Offers you a chance to win a college scholarship.

For more information, read the competition’s guidelines here.