Google launches new recruiting tool

Image: Google

Image: Google

Google announced the launch of Hire, a new app that helps the recruiting process and integrates with the G Suite. The service will keep track of job applicants and is designed specially for small businesses.  

The tool synchronizes with other Google products, like Gmail and Calendar, which is intended to simplify the hiring process.

“Hire and G Suite are made to work well together so recruiting team members can focus on their top priorities instead of wasting time copy-pasting across tools. A lot of tools that employees rely on at work are clunky, unintuitive and hard to learn”, stated Google.

The software is part of the Google for Jobs initiative, launched earlier this year, and its job search feature. Now, the company reaches both ends of the job application process: the recruiter and the job seeker.

To use the new service, companies need a paid subscription of G Suite, said Dmitri Krakovsky, Google’s vice president of enterprise apps.