Global contest fosters kid’s creativity

Thousands of kids from 17 countries competed and shared experiences during the 17th annual Global Finals by Destination Imagination that took place in Knoxville, United States.

Organized in 470 teams, students participated in six categories: technical, scientific, engineering, fine arts, improvisational and service learning. The aim of the contest is to propose a creative, innovative solution for a problem.

Teams from all over China swept the contest, winning or making it to the top in almost all categories and age levels. For example, in the engineering category, elementary level, four teams from China won the top four positions.

Destination Imagination is an organization that looks to foster kid’s creativity, courage and curiosity through challenges in the STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics).

“The motivation comes from the fact that we innately as human beings believe in the creative process, so whenever you give students an opportunity, that innate desire to use creativity… is huge for them”, said Johnny Wells, the non-profit’s Director for Education.