Tec de Monterrey teachers win 8 "QS Reimagine Education" awards

Tec de Monterrey teachers won 8 QS remain education awards

A contest with teachers who believe traditional education must be reimagined; it does not meet the needs of students in the face of present and future challenges.

Every year more than 1000 innovators in education compete to reimagine education. Reimagine Education Awards 2018, organized by the ranking QS Stars, evaluate the most innovative initiatives in the world aimed at improving learning processes. In this edition, 3 Tec de Monterrey projects won 8 prizes.

The contest Reimagine Education Awards 2018, held on December 4th and 5th in the city of Philadelphia, U.S., believes traditional education must be reimagined; it does not meet the needs of students in the face of present and future challenges. An international panel of more than 100 judges selects the most innovative initiatives aimed at improving higher education students learning outcomes and employability.

The event received around 1000 proposals from more than 30 universities, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the University of Sao Paulo. For its part, Tec de Monterrey participated with 18 projects, of which 9 were finalists, in the categories: Latin America, Hybrid Learning, Presence Learning, Natural Sciences, Engineering and IT, and Cultivating Curiosity.

The Wharton QS Awards - Reimagine Education is the most important recognition of innovation in higher education worldwide. The projects of our professors competed among more than 1000 university projects from around the world. These 8 awards recognize the inventiveness of our teachers and the transformation of higher education we are looking for in Tec de Monterrey.
— José Escamilla de los Santos, Director of Educational Innovation at Tecnológico de Monterrey.
Students using virtual reality

Tec de Monterrey winning projects

Open Innovation Laboratory for Rapid Realization of Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Products

This Open Innovation Laboratory is composed of a set of resources with which students and teachers can provide quick solutions to current problems, through the development of a new generation of intelligent and sustainable products. This project promotes the adoption of new technologies and learning methods.


  • Latin America Award (Gold Winner)
  • Engineering and IT Award (Gold Winner)
  • Hybrid Learning Award (Silver Winner)


  • Arturo Molina, Dante Chavarría, Martín Bustamante, Jhonattan Miranda, Edgar López, Manuel Macías, Julieta Noguez, Miguel Ramírez, José Molina and Pedro Ponce.

Touching Math: From concepts to reality through 3D tools

This project seeks to improve students’ spatial reasoning in mathematics; it aims to develop students’ visualization skills to make mental images of geometric objects. The technology of this project reproduces three-dimensional images through augmented reality to help students acquire and develop spatial intelligence.


  • Latin America Award (Silver Winner)
  • Presence Learning Award (Bronze Winner)
  • Natural Sciences Award (Gold Winner)


  • Linda Medina, Gerardo Aguilar, Sergio Ruiz, Saul Juárez, Marlén Aguilar, Martín Pérez, Jaime Castro, Moisés Alencastre and Lourdes Muñoz.

Research Path: Inducing Curiosity, Research and Innovation in Undergraduate Students

This research project uses students’ curiosity as a guide through new scientific horizons. Its objective is to get undergraduate students of Tecnológico de Monterrey to develop applied scientific research skills to achieve concrete results.


  • Latin America Award (Bronze Winner)
  • Cultivating Curiosity Award (Silver Winner)

Participants in the project:

  • Nathalie Galeano, Francisco Cantú, James Fangmeyer, Rogelio Soto and Rubén Morales.

To launch their projects winners will receive financial aid and credits from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The award-winning professors at Tecnológico de Monterrey replicate the effort of their university to innovate and transform higher education in Mexico.