Ten applications and websites for STEM education


Here are some tools that can help students develop skills in STEM areas.

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STEM education has become an essential part of the modern workforce, so it is vital to include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our teaching in an integrated manner. Fortunately, there are many tools and websites that teachers can access to get more information, get inspired, and use them in their classes.

Here are some apps, blogs, and communities online that anyone can access:

STEM apps

  • The elements: it is an interactive application that serves to introduce students to the periodic table.

  • Scratch: free site and mobile application that teaches the basic concepts of coding to students. They also have tutorials on YouTube.

  • iCircuit: mobile app for students to design and test circuits using different models.

  • TenMarks: Amazon launched this platform that covers the mathematics curriculum up to high school level with lessons that motivate the student to research.

  • FROGUTS: this is a very realistic, practical and interactive application for frog dissection. It has all the items of the classic exercise but without the smell of formaldehyde.

Blogs and online communities

  • Teaching Channel: a site for teachers and students. It offers videos with procedures and teaching techniques, as well as a science blog. This site is ideal for teachers of all subjects and age ranges.

  • Mimio Educator Blog: updated scientific articles are offered every week from areas such as engineering and technology.

  • Mimioconnect: a teaching community where teachers can connect with other peers. It also offers a wide variety of STEM lessons and activities.

  • Engineers in the classroom: a site with a variety of STEM projects. It was created between Lockheed-Martin and National Geographic, so it has enjoyable projects.

  • The Math Forum: this online collaboration group originated in the National Council of Mathematics Teachers (NCTM-National Council for Teachers of Mathematics). It is an excellent place for teachers of all levels to collaborate and find resources for their students.