Microsoft’s Resume Assistant: a powerful job seeking tool that uses LinkedIn data


Are you having difficulties writing your resume? Microsoft just launched Resume Assistant, a new tool that integrates LinkedIn data with its Office 360 Word application.

Writing your resume is not an easy task, but Microsoft Word's Resume Assistant is here for job seeker’s relief. This new Office 365 feature aims to help job hunters improve their resume with LinkedIn data.

LinkedIn's role as a job-seeking platform has increased in recent years. According to this year’s LinkedIn statistics, it has 467 million users of whom 40 million are students and recent graduates. Also, as a recent Microsoft survey showed, nearly 70% of respondents have difficulties describing their work experience and achievements, and 50% have trouble tailoring their resume to a specific job. Resume Assistant intends to help job seekers solve these problems.

How does it work? The assistant opens in a sidebar in the upper right side of Word's application. A search bar lets users narrow down results based on any specific field of work. Users can browse through profiles finding similar resumes and adding skills or goals to their documents. Moreover, Resume Assistant can show customizable job openings. Resumes can be saved as documents or can be sent to recruiters directly through LinkedIn.

Resume Assistant key features:

Inspiration – Browse through successful profiles to get ideas for your own resume.

Identifying top skills – Discover the most relevant skills in any profession.

Customize a resume based on open job opportunities – Adapt your resume according to any job vacancy.

Be visible – Let recruiters know you are looking for a new job with LinkedIn's Open Candidates feature.

Profinder connection – Use LinkedIn's freelancer platform to get professional coaching.

Resume Assistant

Resume Assistant

Resume Assistant is already available to Microsoft insider's community and will be offered to Office 360 subscribers in coming months.

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