Study: 80% of Companies Have Hired a Coding Bootcamp Graduate

The rapid rise of coding bootcamps, an alternative education model that offers fast-track, high-impact courses with promising job placement guarantees, rises the question if employers now view them as a serious alternative to a traditional computer science degree. Turns out they do, according to a new study

A survey of over 1,000 HR managers and technical recruiters at US companies by job search platform Indeed found that 80% of companies have actually hired graduates of coding bootcamps.

The study also revealed that 72% of employers think bootcamp grads are “just as prepared” to be high performers as degree holders, while 12% think they are even more prepared. In contrast, only 17% of respondents have doubts about the value of these degrees. Above all, satisfaction levels are high: The vast majority, 99.8%, say they would hire bootcamp grads again. 

Moreover, in terms of diversity, bootcamps seem to also play a big role. According to the report, 51% of surveyed companies said that hiring bootcamp grads helps job seekers from underrepresented groups find work in the technology sector. 

However, despite employer enthusiasm for the model and the rising number of graduates, bootcamps are not currently regulated or accredited. The lack of a common set of standards may help explain why the traditional computer science degree is still king. But for how long?