Data Economy Gives Rise to Specialized Courseware

Photo:  Flickr

Photo: Flickr

The data economy is exploding with thousands of jobs created as a result, and universities as well as online education hubs are following the trend very close, launching new courses on the subject at an accelerated pace.

Data science skills have become essential for students and professionals, as more companies rely on information for their business.

The Economist reported that Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft spent 32 billion dollars building data centers in 2016, evidencing the growth of the sector.

These and other tech giants are gathering huge amounts of data and building new products, or improving existing ones, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Thus, those interested in getting new jobs –or keeping theirs- must become data literate and learn how to manage tools and software that process data.

There is a wealth of courses in several topics: from Programming for Data Science, to Genomic Data Science and Data Science Ethics.

In addition, a variety of certificates and master’s degrees are available, and more are being created every day.