Competency-Based Education Network opens its membership

The Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN), a group of 30 higher education institutions working with competency-based programs, announced that it is opening its membership to all in higher education “who are committed to working collaboratively to advance the design and build of high-quality competency-based education (CBE).”

“C-BEN is based on the conviction that collaboration across institutional boundaries is key to accelerating progress on the toughest challenges facing advocates of competency-based learning,” said Charla Long, executive director of C-BEN. “It’s time to strike out on our own and widen the circle of participation to all who share our commitment to responsible, student-centered innovation in higher education.”

C-BEN was founded in 2013 funded exclusively by Lumina Foundation but now its becoming an independent free-standing nonprofit organization with the priority of spreading knowledge and expertise about competency-based education.

For more information on membership options for C-BEN visit the C-BEN Membership Application site