Carnegie Mellon launches initiative to boost multidisciplinary AI research

Carnegie Mellon University has launched a new initiative that aims to create one of the largest AI research groups in the world. 

Photo: VincentLTE

Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science (SCS) has launched CMU AI, a new initiative that aims to develop multidisciplinary artificial intelligence (AI) research across seven departments and disciplines at the school.

"For AI to reach greater levels of sophistication, experts in each aspect of AI, such as how computers understand the way people talk or how computers can learn and improve with experience, will increasingly need to work in close collaboration," said SCS Dean Andrew Moore in a university statement. "CMU AI provides a framework for our ongoing AI research and education."

From Self-driving cars, speech recognition to the Internet of things and facial recognition software, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way people live, work and learn. 

The initiative seeks to create one of the largest AI research groups in the world. The CMU AI comprehends a team of more than 100 faculty members and about 1,000 CMU students involved in AI research and education from different disciplines. 

"AI is no longer something that a lone genius invents in the garage," said Andrew Moore in the statement. "It requires a team of people, each of whom brings a special expertise or perspective." 

Andrew Moore will direct the initiative with Jaime Carbonell, the Newell University Professor of Computer Science and director of the Language Technologies Institute; Martial Hebert, director of the Robotics Institute; Computer Science Professor Tuomas Sandholm; and Manuela Veloso, the Herbert A. Simon University Professor of Computer Science and head of the Machine Learning Department.

"Students who study AI at CMU have an opportunity to work on projects that unite multiple disciplines - to study AI in its depth and multidisciplinary, integrative aspects. They generally leave CMU for positions of great leadership, and they lead global AI efforts both in terms of starting new ventures and joining innovative companies that tremendously value our education and research," said Manuela Veloso. "CMU students at all levels have a big impact on what AI is doing for society."