Ohio University partners with Revature to offer free training in coding


Ohio University students and alumni will now have access to intensive training in coding and other tech skills, thanks to a strategic partnership with Revature.  

Ohio University and Revature, a technology talent development company, announced a strategic partnership to provide Ohio students and alumni with free, hands-on technology training to prepare them to fill the regional workforce skills gap.

The partnership offers Ohio U students and alumni free training that otherwise would cost thousands of dollars. Revature will offer intensive online and on-site coding programs to teach Ohio students—and recent Ohio graduates—the technology skills employers are demanding.

“Employers consistently indicate the need for more college graduates in STEM areas,” said Imants Jaunarajs, Ohio University's assistant dean of students for the Career and Leadership Development Center. "Our partnership with Revature will help Ohio graduates launch careers as well as fulfill our roles as a talent pool and driving economic force in the region."

The Revature training is free for both students and alumni. Students who successfully complete the program will then be employed with the help of Revature, in an enterprise setting, along with industry certification and continuing education. 

For more information, visit the Revature site.